I’m Fine

I’m fine, I’m okay

Isn’t that what you want to hear?

I might never see the light of day

But my body will lie here.

You will call me selfish

Because I said goodbye without a farewell.

A peace of mind was my only wish

But living is a big fiery hell.

How many more times will I have to

Cry and suffer alone at night?

You’d ask, “What can I do?”

But I’m left with words I have to write.

Words of anger and bitterness

Are sad and empty.

Tell me to cut my wrists

So I cease to be me.

I’m fine besides the scars and the wounds,

And the suicidal thoughts.

Have all the pain buried in sand dunes,

Know the battle was hard fought.

I’m okay, I’m really fine.

I mean I don’t I want to be here

Or any other place I’d call mine

But I just want to disappear.

I’ve long been dead inside

So why does it matter

If yesterday, I should have died

Or today I drain the red water?

I can’t help myself anymore

I’m way too deep down this hole

With all the burdens that I bore

And the heaviness of my soul.

I’m fine, I’m okay

That’s all you want to hear

Because you want me to be happy always,

Because death is what you fear.

But I’m fine, I’m okay

With death coming for me.

Hope it comes for me today

So your faces I do not see.

I’m fine, I’m okay.

I will disappear.

I won’t see the light of day,

And my body will lie here.


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