Holiday Season

It’s the holiday season and it means gathering of my sexists, Duterte loyalists, Marcos apologists (and maybe even racists) family members.

My family members started coming home last Saturday and within three days there was already quite the amount of sexism said by them. For one, my newest brother-in-law said that he liked the improvement of the national highway from Ormoc to our town that he was about to cry but then remembered he’s a male so he stopped himself. This has been followed by several comments in the last few days such as: (1) a girl should not be out until midnight, (2) it does not look good if a girl drinks alcohol, (3) boys are strong, not weak. First of all, the issue should not be with girls out until midnight. The issue is with the maniacs, the self-entitled men who view women as objects. And why is that it’s okay if guys drink? Why can’t girls drink as well? Boys can be weak too just as how girls are also strong. Fuck those gender stereotypes and gender roles!

Aside from these sexist comments, I had to contain myself from my Duterte loyalists family members. Although during one dinner I called the Philippine President stupid, it was followed by some awkward silence and exchange of awkward glances. For some reason, my sister was talking about her friend who is a Trump supporter and how Trump should not be immediately judged since many people voted for him. Well, the majority isn’t always right. And while I now live with the words “always suspend your judgments” (thanks to my Philosophy class), I can’t simply think of Trump as a good person. He is sexist and racist and incites racism. And personally, I dislike racism and sexism the most. My mother added that Duterte and Trump are on the same boat. And I muttered under my breath, well yes, they’re both misogynistic bigots.

It has only been a week, and there’s still another to go before they leave again so I’ll be hearing more of this. Good luck to me.


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