The Velvet


I’ve been listening to K-Pop girl group Red Velvet for the past hour. I am currently listening to their The Velvet album and got the strangest feeling on my stomach and chest. I’ve figured out why.

“The Velvet” was released on March 17 this year (supposedly March 16 but got delayed and Red Velvet stans get triggered by this). I like the album a lot in contrast to most who did not like it (because ballad blah blah). One Of These Nights is just oozing with great vocals, although Light Me Up is my jam of this album. Anyway, around the time it was released I was having a really bad time. My depression was at its peak and listening to Red Velvet and watching their very few programs gave me comfort (since my original K-Pop favorite that usually makes me happy Super Junior are inactive). I did these things just to have moments of laughter and happiness (Red Velvet stans get the pun here). When I was at school and had free time (and couldn’t go home because I live an hour away), I would stay at the library and listen to “The Velvet”. I had it on loop because damn, this album is good. But listening to the album now just gave me this heavy feeling in my chest and I honestly feel like crying. I get flashbacks of that time. I would be at the library and I wouldn’t be able to contain my emotions and tears would just start rolling so I just get out of there before people start looking strangely at me. I remember the terrible feeling.

Yet I don’t find myself hating this album because of those memories. The songs are good. The vocals are better. I just hate the feeling that I get. But I try to think of the Red Velvet members and how they have become the source of comfort for me that time and even to this day.

Side note: I’m not really into K-Pop girl groups and Red Velvet is the first (and probably the only) girl group I’m an avid fan of. I thought I was going to be an avid fan of EXO but nope. Also, Super Junior is still my all-time favorite K-Pop group. (Those legends got me into K-Pop.)


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