We’ve Come Full Circle

We’ve come full circle, dear.
I still vividly remember how I found you. It was the first Monday after the TV premiere of High School Musical 2. I just got home from school and I was singing “You Are The Music In Me”, specifically the “na na na” part. While singing, I swore I could hear a cat meowing. I paused and listened, I heard nothing. Thinking I was imagining it, I continued to sing and I heard it again. Paused. Nothing. Started singing again. After hearing the cry again, I paused a little longer and listened carefully. Up to this day, I always think you were singing with me. I went to the balcony, looking for the source of the cry. There were shelves there so I went on my knees and looked for you through the small spaces. I found you, and you were so scared. I tried to reach for you but you tried to scratch my hand and got scared. So I called my father (who is fearless), and he got you. My family and I were wondering how the hell did you get up there, and still we don’t know how you got up there. My guess, you were about a month old. With the color of your fur, we’re so sure you’re not a kitten of any of our cats. We asked neighbors who had cats if you were theirs. But you belonged to no one. As a child, I wanted us to adopt you so bad. I was so eager to ask my parents, “Can we keep her?” And we did. For ten years.

For that ten, long years. I often wondered if you were ever a normal cat. I always half-joked you’re an aswang (Philippine mythology supernatural creature) because since the day you arrived to our family, somehow, we always found you in places where you shouldn’t have been. You’ve done things you probably shouldn’t be able to do (like getting inside of the house with no possible way in or not dying when we left you for a month or two without any food). You survived the super typhoon with Bache, and even outlived her and Boknat. For the first few years, you were so “moody”. You liked to scratch us. You didn’t like people petting you. You even hissed at me. (How dare you?! I found you!) The only times you were nice to me or to any one in the family (except father) was when we fed you. Eventually, you warmed up to me. You let me pet you. You would even rub yourself on my legs as if saying, “This is my human.” I remember crying last year because I thought you had already left home and that you will never come back to us. You lived a long and good life, and for that ten years I have so many fond memories of you (most of them got me wondering if you’re somehow supernatural).

We’ve come full circle as I find you weak, lying on the same balcony where I found you. We’ve come full circle as I am the first person with you in that fateful day ten years ago, and I am yet again the first person with you as you rest in peace.

I will miss you dearly, adopted cat. With you being the last cat to go also makes me feel like my childhood has officially ended.

Banban (circa 2007 – June 5, 2017)



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