Reminiscing Night Part 8

It was first semester of junior year when I took up a microbiology class. My laboratory classes were always in the morning. I enjoyed that lab class. Probably, my favorite of all lab classes. Guess I am just that fascinated with microbes and culturing them. Anyway, because this was microbiology we used a lot of running water. We observed that the faucet water was hot as fuck. It was as if boiling water was coming out of the faucet. Usually, I was the first person to open the faucet and every time the water was hot, I’d scream to the rest of the class, “Satan’s here!” It became a running joke in class that the water somehow came from hell. One classmate even checked the temperature of the water, although I don’t remember his temperature reading. I’m leaving the school soon and will definitely miss “Satan’s lair”.



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